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Five things to keep in mind when renovating your condo

When it comes to renovating a condo unit, every project has its own limitations and may require a different strategy. To avoid any potential hiccups, here’s some key information to keep in mind before you proceed with your renovation project:

  1. Be aware of existing rules
  2. One of the first things you should know about before planning a renovation are policies established by your condo board/association. There may be existing policies concerning the use of specific materials, cosmetic changes, and designated times/days wherein renovations can take place.

  3. Work around limitations
  4. Take a closer look at any project limitations before you commit to any redesign plan. In many tight condo spaces, there are usually intrusive columns and walls with odd angles, as these are part of the entire structure. When planning your renovation, it’s important to know which elements can be removed and which ones should be retained, so consulting an expert and submitting architectural and/or engineering drawings to the main office during the initial stages is a must.

  5. Restructure strategically
  6. Fixtures in most condos can be difficult to move around due to the limited space. One simple trick you can do, however, is to change how the eye views the space. Select finishes or place some décor in areas you want to stand out, so you can draw attention to areas and elements you want to highlight.

  7. Inform your neighbors
  8. As a matter of courtesy, it’s a good idea to inform your neighbors first before any work starts on your condo. While their permission is not really required, their cooperation might be welcome, especially in case you encounter any issues.

  9. Look for a temporary place to stay
  10. If possible, try to have somewhere else to stay while you complete the renovation. Either finish everything before moving in or stay in another place especially during intense phases of construction, such as when you’ll be unable to use your kitchen or bathroom for a couple of days. This will give you fewer problems to worry about and make the renovation less stressful for you.

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