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Guide to using Phoenix’s Valley Metro Rail

The first segment of Phoenix’s METRO light rail service started operating back in December 2008. The initial section was approximately 20 miles long and provided access to downtown Phoenix and the central corridor, west Mesa, and the ASU Main Campus in Tempe. The next segment was added in August 2015, giving more access to Mesa. Additional miles and stations in west Phoenix were established in March 2016, and more segments are planned in the near future.

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind if you’re planning to get around Phoenix using the Valley Metro Rail.

  • If you aren’t within walking distance from one of the stations, you can drive to a Park and Ride lot which allows you to park your car for no charge and access the system from there. Here’s a list of Park and Ride lots along the light rail route.
  • You can purchase passes online, at various establishments, and through vending machines at METRO stations. Passes for the METRO light rail (except for single ride tickets) can also be used to board Valley Metro buses.
  • If you plan to connect to or from a bus route, know the bus schedules and bus stop locations ahead of time to make your trip easier. It’s also a good idea to prepare alternate routes in case any buses or trains run off schedule or encounter issues.
  • Bikers are allowed to bring their bikes aboard the train. There are four slots within each light rail car which can be used to hang bikes by their front tires. Look for bicycle symbols on doors that are situated closest to the racks.
  • Make sure to plan ahead before you board. Know which station you’re heading to and be prepared to disembark the train upon arrival, as trains only stop at each station for 15 seconds.

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