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How to create a “smart” bathroom

Over the last decade, new technology has been integrated into our homes, making our daily lives easier and more convenient.

One of the rooms that hasn’t been given much of a tech upgrade, however, is the bathroom. It makes sense, truth be told – it’s one of the few remaining places where most people would rather stay disconnected.

But a few amazing inventions from this year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show might just change your mind. Here’s a quick look at some of them:

Verdera Voice Mirror

The Verdera Voice Mirror can give you optimal lighting, music, and weather updates as you go about your morning routine. The Amazon Alexa-equipped mirror is activated through voice commands and is even equipped with a motion-sensing night light to make any middle-of-the-night bathroom trips less disruptive.

DTV+ Digital Shower

The DTV+ showering system from Kohler gives users the ability to create customized shower settings for each member of your household. You can set water pressure, steam, and lighting preferences through voice commands, and even start the shower so it’s nice and warm even before you step into the bathroom.

Flotation Tub with Zero Dimension

In 2018, Toto launched their futuristic Flotation Tub with Zero Dimension technology, which simulates the experience of being in zero gravity by positioning the user in an optimal position. Their original design came with an extremely high $19,269 price tag, however. This year, they launched two models with more palatable prices. The new tubs are equipped with the same zero-gravity technology designed to release stress from your joints and provide the ultimate relaxation.

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